[ATARI] Ordenador Dual G3/G4

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Fri Mar 2 12:41:22 CET 2001

Hola a todos.

En Place2Be (http://place2be.de/indexe.php) ha aparecido la siguiente 

- bplan finished "Pegasos"-prototype (1.3.2001) 

The project name Pegasos hides a complete dual G3/G4 miniATX motherboard 
with all the bells and whistles. The development of this board has now 
been finished by bplan and a first prototype series is being produced. 
The specs of this board are well worth a look (see homepage for 
details). This hardware will support the Amiga-compatible MorphOS and 
Linux directly. Atarians may now ask , if this board is probably the 
hardware that Milan Computer wants to use for their Milan 3. If this is 
the case then we should soon be able to choose from several modern 
hardware alternatives, ranging from a Pegasus with u to a Pegasos with 


Los 'fans' del PPC ya podéis estar contentos.

Salu2 a to2

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