[ATARI] xTOS developers meeting

Luis Manuel Asensio Royo lasensio at airtel.net
Tue Mar 12 21:31:31 CET 2002

¡Buenas otra vez!

Noticia extraída de Atari Org. Seguro que a muchos de nosotros les
interesará mucho, sobre todo por la parte de soft antiguo... Ahora
supongo que la máquina ya será más interesante, ¿eh? ;-D
                  From March 8 to 10 the first xTOS developmer meeting
took place in Dresden, Germany,
                  where hard and software developers of the Atari market

                  During the three days, agreement over the exact
hardware specifications could be
                  settled, and should be up on the xTOS website soon. 

                  At the meeting, Milan Computer declared that they will
provide the overworked
                  TOS-version, so that actual versions can be used. 

                  This means that the AtlanTOS (provisional project
name) contains a TOS Kernel, on
                  which MiNT is loaded. Which AES is finally used, is
not completely clear yet. A
                  possibility is to use a developed version of the AES
4.x in the Milan TOS. 

                  The compatibility with old ST programs and games is to
be ensured with a integrated ST
                  emulator. Clean GEM/TOS programs will of course run
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