[IRC-DEV] mensaje en los ghost

Zoltan zoltan at teleline.es
Thu Apr 11 01:55:49 CEST 2002

> Leete el RFC sobre los KILLS :P

En un parrafo del punto 4.6.1 del RFC 1459, sale lo siguiente:

   The comment given must reflect the actual reason for the KILL.  For
   server-generated KILLs it usually is made up of details concerning
   the origins of the two conflicting nicknames.  For users it is left
   up to them to provide an adequate reason to satisfy others who see
   it.  To prevent/discourage fake KILLs from being generated to hide
   the identify of the KILLer, the comment also shows a 'kill-path'
   which is updated by each server it passes through, each prepending
   its name to the path.

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