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Ruben Cardenal rubenc at arrakis.es
Sat Dec 28 13:43:02 CET 2002


> Parece ser que hay día de los inocentes por ahí fuera igualmente :)

   ¿Te has molestado en mirar la fecha del e-mail original?

   Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 12:06:53 -0500

   Del día 27, eso por un lado. Y por otro, los guiris el "dia de los 
inocentes" lo celebran el 1 de Abril, y Dalnet también. Precisamente, la 
"inocentada" de este año en la lista de Dalnet fue que Microsoft había 
comprado el Bahamut. Y para que veas que no me lo invento, rebuscando en mis 
archivos de la lista de Dalnet, aparece esta curiosa inocentada enviada el 1 
de Abril de este año :)

(Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2002 06:48:20 +0300 (EET DST))
--- Jason Slagle <raistlin at tacorp.net> wrote:
 > DALnet announces sale of Bahamut ircd software to Microsoft.
 >April 1st, San Diego
 >The DALnet IRC Network is pleased to announce the completion of the
 >sale of rights to its Bahamut chat software to Microsoft.  The
 >software had been in development for approximately six years and is
 >capable of holding over 150,000 simultaneous users, making it the
 >world's most stable chat software platform.
 >Jason Slagle, head of development at DALnet said:
 >   "We welcome the sale of the bahamut product to Microsoft.  We
 >   believe DALnet will benefit greatly from this sale as being a
 >   voluntary organisation, it no longer has the resources to
 >   continue in-house development.
 >   "Microsoft, well known for its high programming standards, will
 >   replace the now defunct DALnet Coding team with its own developers.
 >   "While we appreciate that bahamut will no longer be open source,
 >   DALnet has been given indefinite non-exclusive licence-free
 >   rights to use bahamut for its IRC network.  Also, we've come to
 >   realise that open source is overrated and potentially damaging to
 >   the software market."
 >Negotiations took longer than planned due to problems over the use of
 >DALnet's Services software.  However, this was resolved when Microsoft
 >entered into a seperate contractual agreement with RSCS Inc, a
 >little-known software house, known for its creation of root exploits
 >for UNIX platforms.
 >Microsoft's first job will be to port bahamut over to a Windows
 >platform.  It will replace its current Exchange Chat Server solution.
 >New features will include:
 >- The ability to log all traffic containing a given phrase.
 >- Integration of Microsoft Passort(TM) authentication with Services.
 >- Integration of Services into the ircd.
 >- Integration of OUTLOOK address book with your notify list.
 >- Integration of Memos with Microsoft Hotmail.
 >A spokeman from Microsoft said:
 >   "We welcome the addition of the bahamut software to Microsoft's
 >   leading Chat Server solution."
 >About DALnet
 >DALnet is the worlds leading IRC network, holding over 130,000
 >concurrent client connections.  More information can be found on our
 >website, http://www.dal.net/

   Saludos :)


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