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Victor Roman daijo-ge at terra.es
Wed Feb 13 13:41:01 CET 2002

From: "Larry Kaeto" <wensu at bigpond.com>
To: <coder-com at undernet.org>
Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2002 12:33 PM
Subject: [Coder-Com] /raw help 

 Is there any chance to put in parametres into the output for subjected ?
 austnet's one is nice and handy =)
 perhaps even have X commands in there too reduce (some) the load on X (if
 Undernets reply:
 -> Server: help
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - ADMIN
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - AWAY
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - BURST
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - CLOSE
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - CNOTICE
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - CONNECT
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - CPRIVMSG
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - CREATE
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - DESTRUCT
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - DESYNCH
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - DIE
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - DNS
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - END_OF_BURST
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - EOB_ACK
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - ERROR
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - GLINE
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - HASH
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - HELP
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - INFO
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - INVITE
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - ISON
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - JOIN
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - KICK
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - KILL
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - LINKS
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - LIST
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - LUSERS
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - MAP
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - MODE
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - MOTD
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - NAMES
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - NICK
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - NOTICE
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - OPER
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - PART
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - PASS
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - PING
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - PONG
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - POST
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - PRIVMSG
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - PROTO
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - QUIT
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - REHASH
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - RESTART
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - RPING
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - RPONG
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - SERVER
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - SETTIME
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - SILENCE
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - SQUIT
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - STATS
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - TIME
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - TOPIC
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - TRACE
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - UPING
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - USER
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - USERHOST
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - USERIP
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - VERSION
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - WALLCHOPS
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - WALLOPS
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - WALLUSERS
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - WHO
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - WHOIS
 [SNOTICE] graz2.at.Eu.UnderNet.org - WHOWAS
 Austnets output:
 *** PONG from iinet.wa.au.austnet.org: Wensu
 -> Server: help
 [/Lusers] HELP <command> for quick scan.
 [/Lusers] <arg> means compulsory argument, [<arg>] means optional
 [/Lusers] PRIVMSG P  <nick | #channel> <message>
 [/Lusers] NICK N  <newnick>
 [/Lusers] MODNICK D  Restricted to U: lines
 [/Lusers] NOTICE O  <nick | #channel> <message>
 [/Lusers] NO O  Alias for NOTICE
 [/Lusers] JOIN J  <#channel>[,<#chan2>,<#chan3>,...]
 [/Lusers] MODE M  /quote HELP MODE or /verbose HELP MODE
 [/Lusers] QUIT Q  <reason>
 [/Lusers] PART L  <#channel>[,<#chan2>,<#chan3>,...] [reason]
 [/Lusers] TOPIC T  <#channel> <newtopic>
 [/Lusers] INVITE  <nickname> <#channel>
 [/Lusers] KICK K  <#channel> <nickname> <reason>
 [/Lusers] WALLOPS W  <message>
 [/Lusers] PING
 [/Lusers] PONG
 [/Lusers] ERROR
 [/Lusers] KILL I  <nickname> <reason>
 [/Lusers] USER
 [/Lusers] AWAY A  <reason>
 [/Lusers] ISON  <nick1>,<nick2>,<nick3>,...
 [/Lusers] SERVER S
 [/Lusers] SQUIT  <servermask> <reason>
 [/Lusers] WHOIS  <nick1>[,<nick2>,<nick3>,...]
 [/Lusers] WHO  <mask> WHO <#channel> WHO <nickname>
 [/Lusers] WHOWAS  <nickname>
 [/Lusers] LIST
 [/Lusers] NAMES  <#channel>
 [/Lusers] USERHOST  <nickname>
 [/Lusers] SUSERHOST  <nickname>
 [/Lusers] TRACE  <servermask> TRACE <nickname>
 [/Lusers] PASS  <password>
 [/Lusers] LUSERS
 [/Lusers] TIME  [<servermask>]
 [/Lusers] SETTIME E
 [/Lusers] RPING  <servermask> :<current ts>
 [/Lusers] RPONG
 [/Lusers] OPER  <nickname> <password>
 [/Lusers] HELPER  <nickname> <level>
 [/Lusers] CONNECT  <servermask> [<port> <ontowhat servermask>]
 [/Lusers] UPING  <servermask> 7007 <number>
 [/Lusers] MAP
 [/Lusers] VERSION  [<servermask>]
 [/Lusers] STATS  <c|d|h|i|k|l|o|t|u|U|w|y|z> [<servermask>]
 [/Lusers] LINKS
 [/Lusers] ADMIN  [<servermask>]
 [/Lusers] USERS
 [/Lusers] SUMMON
 [/Lusers] HELP  [<command>]
 [/Lusers] INFO
 [/Lusers] MOTD  [<servermask>]
 [/Lusers] CLOSE
 [/Lusers] SILENCE
 [/Lusers] END_OF_BURST
 [/Lusers] KLINE  <nick | user at host> <reason>
 [/Lusers] UNKLINE  <user at host>
 [/Lusers] GLINE G  Restricted to U: lines
 [/Lusers] ALINE  Restricted to U: lines
 [/Lusers] NOTE
 [/Lusers] GNOTICE F  Restricted to Servers
 [/Lusers] GOPER  Restricted to Servers
 [/Lusers] GLOBOPS B  <message>
 [/Lusers] HELPME H  <message>
 [/Lusers] ADDCN  Restricted to U: lines
 [/Lusers] DELCN  Restricted to U: lines
 [/Lusers] ADDV  Restricted to U: lines
 [/Lusers] NOOP  Puts server in NoOper mode
 [/Lusers] HTM  [<on|off|New high k/s>]
 [/Lusers] HASH
 [/Lusers] DNS
 [/Lusers] REHASH
 [/Lusers] RESTART
 [/Lusers] DIE
 God Bless Amercia - http://users.bigpond.com/wensu/america/index2.html
  " Beer doesn't go crazy once a month. "

Un saludo, Victor Roman (aka Daijo)
eDiv core group - daijo at softhome.net

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