[IRC-DEV] Ips virtuales del irc-hispano, puesto como ejemplo en una lista de correo...

Zoltan zoltan at teleline.es
Tue Jun 25 17:29:03 CEST 2002

En la lista del Universal IRCD de Carlo Wood ( http://ircu.sourceforge.net )
se discute sobre la implementación de un sistema de ocultación de ips reales
al ircd, y uno ha puesto el ejemplo del ircd del hispano.

Un saludo

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Subject: Re: [ircu-development] UMode +x (Hide Real IP)

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> From: "Carlo Wood" <carlo at alinoe.com>
> > Yes, invalidating old bans but making it safer against attacks.
> > We could use two keys and replace each, alternating, every two
> > months and remove any bans that used the old key.  Then a ban
> > would stay valid for one to two months.
> Hrm, I'd have to bail out on this one. I thought today's common approaches
> to the problem were cumbersome, leave alone going so far that you'd
> the real host and use that internally, plus restricting the amount of time
> that a ban could prove to be useful. How would you display banlists to
> clients? Keep a list of masked bans associated with their real hosts for
> internal use? This bugger would probably eat a lot more memory and CPU
> eventually than we first expected :/
> > I am not sure this is worth it though.  I still don't like
> > the idea of hiding behind a C-class or something that small.
> > Using ban levels and not showing ANYthing of a persons hostname
> > seems a lot better.
> I agree, I'm strongly against the heavy limitations this brings along, but
> users seem to like having their hostnames hidden :/
> The ban levels seem the most logical thing to do.. What would you put in
> host field in that case? I've seen something that comes close to what
> like to do I believe.. Take a look at IRC-Hispano's code
> (http://www.irc-hispano.org/), I know, it's spanish ;p But if you go
> you'll notice everyone has a host consisting of a few levels of numbers, I
> can't recall atm how the got to those numbers, but it appears to work well
> for their .. 35000 users? You can translate their information pages pretty
> well using systransoft, but I believe the code will provide you more
> (http://devel.irc-hispano.org/).
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