[IRC-DEV] Common point for numerics use & assigment

Ruben Cardenal rubenc at arrakis.es
Wed Mar 13 11:38:57 CET 2002


    I belong to the Irc-Hispano development team, and I have an 
interesting proposal for all the biggest networks. When we add features 
such as, for example, what is going to be done in our network, where 
suspended nicks will show a "It has the nick SUSPENDed" (in spanish) at 
whois and a new user mode (+S) for that, that will prevent user of 
having +r mode, and also will deny bot access, and somethings more; 
and... we need, of course, to use a new numeric for the whois reply. The 
fact is, that when someone wants to start using a new numeric, you have 
to check that it's not in use at another network (or at least the bigger 
ones), and it's neccesary to perform some research before choosing the 
numeric to use. Also, there are some cases in wich, at different 
networks, the same numeric has different uses and, that, it's not very 
good for client compatibility.

    Here is what we propose:

    Far beyond that creating a organism for controlling numeric 
assigment, we want to create a common and "official" meeting point for 
everybody  for numeric using and assigmentent. It would be not a place 
where people asks permissions for using a numeric for an specific task, 
but a place where people could see what numerics are being used, what's 
the meaning of each one and, when you have to start using a new one, you 
can easily see what are free and, you mark that numeric then as "used" 
and also you tell what the use of that numeric will be. In that way, the 
next person to check such database, will see that there's a new reply 
and what that reply is. And, of course, if someone needs that feature in 
the future, will use that numeric instead using a new one or, even 
worst, using a new one that it will be in use in another network for 
another purpose.

    I hope i have explained myself well :)

    Glad to hear oppinions and ideads for this, thanks.

Rubén Cardenal.

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