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Subject: DALnet-src: Idea
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 22:33:04 -0400
From: Anthony Simon <anthony at safetypin.net>
To: dalnet-src at DAL.NET

[22.28.13] <Qu3> There is one major thing that could save a lot of CPU
[22.28.31] <Qu3> Netsplit joins..
[22.28.48] <Qu3> Why display 800 joins when you could do it in one line
with a NAMES list refresh (353/366)
[22.29.03] <Qu3> And maybe a note saying its because of a relink
[22.29.18] <Qu3> and the same with a QUIT (possibly)
[22.29.25] <@rlb> see the joins after a split dont bother me
[22.29.34] <Qu3> No.. but they are sent to a lot of people.
[22.29.40] <Qu3> Major CPU lag during synch
[22.29.54] <@rlb> try sending it to -src@ and see what actrual coders say
[22.29.57] <@rlb> i am sure there has to be a reason
[22.30.03] <@rlb> but again you can filter that client side
[22.30.10] <Qu3> its not a client issue
[22.30.13] <Qu3> i dont mind the JOINs either
[22.30.21] <Qu3> but a NAMEs would save so much more CPU power
[22.30.38] <Qu3> Theyll say "it breaks clients" which it doesn't.

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