[IRC-DEV] Bot de monitorización

Ruben Cardenal rubenc at arrakis.es
Thu Sep 4 20:20:16 CEST 2003

(19:52:29) <Hawk`> i was going to ask u to run a monitor bot in the box
(19:52:35) <Hawk`> but lets wait for the link first
(19:52:58) <_NiKoLaS_> what kind of?
(19:53:22) <Hawk`> like the one i use for helsinki*
(19:53:51) <_NiKoLaS_> is that one at sourceforge, freshmeat, has a website?
(19:54:57) <Hawk`> http://www.genethic.ch/download/
(19:55:02) <Hawk`> its released by a undernet admin
(19:55:26) * _NiKoLaS_ looking
(19:56:20) <Hawk`> that bot shows u infos about the server(hubs ping, how long u are connected etc)
(19:56:33) <Hawk`> also, when ~20-30 clones join....warns u for a fast join
(19:56:41) <Hawk`> and scans for clones on ip range, real name etc
(19:57:34) <_NiKoLaS_> http://www.genethic.ch/download/genethic1.0/README
(19:57:36) <_NiKoLaS_> this one?
(19:58:19) <Hawk`> http://www.genethic.ch/download/genethic1.2/README

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