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Jorge Duarte Rodríguez jduarter at navegalia.com
Thu Sep 11 00:07:40 CEST 2003

¿Qué tal? :-)

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From: chris whitehead <chris_w67 at hotmail.com>
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Subject: DALnet-src: +R error message
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 22:57:45 +0100

> Hi all,
> I haven't seen this been brought up before on the dalnet-src@ mailing 
> list, although I'm sure *someone* must have said something about 
> it...I'd like to see what users and opers alike think about the +R error 
> message.
> At the moment, it gives the message:
> "You need to identify to a registered nick to join that channel."
> I feel that this is fairly inadequate, seeing as 90% of users who will 
> get this error message will be new users to the network, and I bet 
> 50%+ of them have no idea what a registered nick is, or how to get one.
> I propose that the message should be changed to something like:
> "You need to identify to a registered nick to join that channel. For 
> help with registering your nickname, type /msg nickserv at services.dal.net 
> help register or see http://docs.dal.net/docs/nsemail.html."
> This way, users will know what to do.
> This idea has bubbled up in my mind because of the recent flooding in 
> #Help - some of you may already be aware of it. One particular user has 
> been hitting the channel for several weeks, if not months (that we know 
> of), and there is simply nothing anyone can do. Unfortunately, we are 
> having to resort to setting +R for most of the day because as soon as -R 
> is set, they come flooding back in :) - With a channel like #Help which 
> is meant to help newbies, not letting unregistered nicknames in is, and 
> will continue to, have a negative affect against the network as a whole 
> over a long period of time. We're also not getting to help people who 
> need help registering their nicknames - which is why I think the error 
> message should give them the same advice, if not better advice, than we 
> would!
> Apart from this prime example, it might help across the entire network 
> in helping users :)
> I've pondered over it for a little bit, and I can't see any real *good* 
> reasons not to change it. I'm sure someone will come up with an argument 
> though *G*
> Look forward to seeing yer opinion :)
> Regards,
> Mentality/Chris
> P.S. I know there are other help channels, and #DALnetHelp is officially 
> the 'Services help channel' but given the name of #Help it is where a 
> lot of people will first go anyway, and as said before, it helps across 
> the network as a whole, not just with the #Help issue! :)
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