[pybsddb] Pyrex Bindings (was: Repication API of BDB)

Davies Liu davies.liu at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 04:14:00 CEST 2008

On Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 3:19 AM, Jesus Cea <jcea at argo.es> wrote:

> I'm impressed. Very.
> I had considered a pyrex wrapper myself, months ago. When I became
> maintainer I thought that gradually refining current pybsddb would serve
> ~ users better that throwing all the code and starting over, fresh. I
> didn't discard it, in any case.
> There are other issues, also. Originally pybsddb was started as a SWIG
> wrapper. Later it was rewritten in pure C. I don't know the details or
> the reason for that. Maybe Greg could comment about this.

I know this point. Maybe that moment, the API is small, the wrapper
core API and features writed in C is not so expensive, but more clear and
better controlled.

But now, the situation has changed, The API became huge, and We need
full feature API in Python, along with the development of bdb.

> Greg, are you out there?.
> Also, pybsddb is included in standard Python and no other module is
> writen in pyrex/SWIG. I don't know the reason, but I suspect they don't
> like to add dependencies, foreign bugs and so on. Maybe would be a good
> idea to just ask python-dev about this issue. I guess there is a real
> and strong reason for that policy. In fact, the oficial way to link to C
> code is "ctypes", that I find unuseable when the API requires
> heavyweight datatypes.

pybsddb have less features and less codes,

> | Is it a better idea to use Pyrex instead of raw C code to get more
> | productivity?
> My experience with pybsddb maintenance, with a couple of months already
> behind, is that current pybsddb code is useable and, in practice, I
> spend far more time documenting and thinking/writing the test cases than
> writing C. Those steps are needed too, even if the main core is Pyrex.

Yes, the test cases and documents are also very useful when forking a new
Pyrex bdb wrapper.

> But one of my motives to move to Python, a decade ago, was to forget
> about C programming. Life sucks :). Badly :)
> I would like to use your creative force and initiative to improve
> pybsddb. How are your C skills? :-).

Today, there are too much things  we need to do, but have ONLY 24 hours :-)
So, we MUST use tools to do what machine can do to improve our productivity.

If not neccessary, I will not write any C code. Because I can not write good
C code

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