[pybsddb] concurrent access dictionaries

Benjamin Rutt rutt.4 at osu.edu
Sat Oct 3 21:21:46 CEST 2009

The docs say (for the version shipped with python 2.6), in

"3.  Concurrent access dictionaries: This refers to the ability to
simultaneously have one writer and multiple readers of a DB (either in
multiple threads or processes) and is implemented simply by creating a DBEnv
with certain flags. No extra work is required to allow this access mode in

Could someone elaborate on exactly which "certain flags" are needed when
creating the DBEnv to achieve the goal here in #3?  Did I get it right below
(for the b-tree access method)?

from bsddb import db

env = db.DBEnv()
env.open('/some/dir', db.DB_CREATE | db.DB_THREAD | db.DB_INIT_CDB |
dbh = db.DB(env)
dbh.open("foo.db", None, db.DB_BTREE, db.DB_CREATE)

Benjamin Rutt
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