[pybsddb] New pybsddb release

Jesus Cea jcea at jcea.es
Thu Sep 17 12:45:52 CEST 2009

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Release 4.8.0 published.

WARNING: If you want to use this binding with the just released Berkeley
DB 4.8.24, you *MUST* install first the new BDB library and THEN the
pybsddb bindings.

Details: http://www.jcea.es/programacion/pybsddb.htm#bsddb3-4.8.0

Documentation: http://www.jcea.es/programacion/pybsddb_doc/

You can install it using "easy_install -U bsddb3" or download the source
from http://pypi.python.org/pypi/bsddb3/


# Support for Berkeley DB 4.8.

# Compatibility with Python 3.1.

# The "DB_XIDDATASIZE" constant has been renamed to "DB_GID_SIZE".
Update your code!. If linked to BDB 4.8, only "DB_GID_SIZE" is defined.
If linked to previous BDB versions, we keep "DB_XIDDATASIZE" but define
"DB_GID_SIZE" too, to be the same value. So, new code can use the
updated constant when used against old BDB releases.

# "DB_XA_CREATE" is removed. BDB 4.8 has eliminated XA Resource Manager

# Drop support for Berkeley DB 4.0. Our reference is Red Had Enterprise
Linux 3, until October 2010. After that, RHEL4 has Python 2.3 and BDB 4.2.

# Remove "DBIncompleteError" exception. It was only used in BDB 4.0.

# Remove "DB_INCOMPLETE", "DB_CHECKPOINT", "DB_CURLSN". They came from
BDB 4.0 too.

# RPC is dropped in Berkeley DB 4.8. The bindings still keep the API if
you link to previous BDB releases.

# In recno/queue databases, "set_re_delim()" and "set_re_pad()" require
a byte instead of a unicode char, under Python3.

# Support for "DB_ENV->mutex_set_max()" and "DB_ENV->mutex_get_max()".

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