[pybsddb] How to install bsdbb?

alanpae at ilkda.com alanpae at ilkda.com
Thu Oct 28 04:50:23 CEST 2010

> bsddb and bsddb3 are different namespaces because one is the library in
> python standard lib, and the other is an standalone project (more
> modern). You could install "bsddb3" over "bsddb", but you could broke
> when upgrading python again.

And the whole thing is mute. :-)

In the Python directory there is a file called, 


And it says for Python on Windows to use Berkeley 4.7.25.

So, what the hey.  Give it a shot

rm -r /opt/straw

grab 4.7.25 from Oracle, build, install, build python.  Noticed during
the compilation stage that this time bsddb was actually on the screen.

The straw dependency check picks it up and seems to be happy.  Now I
need to track down the one other dependency that it's kvetching about.

One to the next.


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