[pybsddb] Windows compilation error?

hasanyasin hasanyasin at cubicpen.com
Thu Mar 10 17:22:32 CET 2011


>> ---    assert (fullverstr[0], fullverstr[2]) in db_ver_list, (
>> ---        "pybsddb untested with this Berkeley DB version", ver)
>> ---    print 'Detected Berkeley DB version', ver, 'from db.h'
> Could you possibly post the value of "fullverstr" at that position?.
fullverstr was 5.1. The problem here was not at fullverstr; but the fact 
that db_ver_list
variable was only defined in posix branch of the code.

>> For some other problem, again a dirty and ugly trick: Changing
>> runtime_library_dirs parameter's value with None from [ libdir ] as below:
>> 385                            runtime_library_dirs = None, #[ libdir ],
> I don't mind to do some changes to ease life to Windows colaborators.
> But I am a bit surprised, since this code compiles cleanly in python
> buildbots.
> Can we invest some time trying to determine WHY you need these changes?
> For example, I would recomend to not copy "db" inside "bsdddb3" and,
> instead, use the "--berkeley-db=", '--berkeley-db-incdir=',
> '--berkeley-db-libdir=', command line parameters.
> Thanks a lot for your step by step approach. Let's try to determine if
> we can ease it a bit more :).

I think I too can spend some time on this in a few days. I didn't use 
command line
parameters since I got problems with that too. setup2.py does many 
things in posix
branch but when you look at the code in 'nt' branch, you will see that 
it looks like it
needs some work. For example for posix, it uses BERKELEYDB_DIR, 
and BERKELEYDB_INCDIR environment variables; but for windows, it does not.

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