[pybsddb] Building pybsdbb3-6.1.0 fails due to unrecognized -R option to gcc

Pallav Gupta drpallavgupta at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 25 21:10:58 CEST 2015

>I'm trying to build python module pybsddb3-6.1.0 from source but it is failing due to an unrecognized option (-R) to gcc compile. Does anyone have ideas on how to resolve this? Thanks.
>gcc: error: unrecognized option ‘-R’
>error: command '/usr/pkgs/gcc/4.7.2/bin/gcc' failed with exit status 1
This issue can be disregarded. I solved it by commenting a line in setup2.py: # runtime_library_dirs = [ libdir ],
The build went through and all tests passed.
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