[IRC-DEV] Points of Presence (was Re: [Coder-Com] CFV-165 saga)

Jesus Cea Avion jcea at argo.es
Fri Jun 8 10:44:20 CEST 2001

> Well, if there is (i think) a two letters code for server, it means
> 26x26 servers ... no? :)
> so about 676 servers...

64*64 = 4096 servers, really.

> so we have at leat 500 servers available... and if we are talking
> (even if i find it a small number!) of 100-150 clients/server, then
> the objectif is met and well over...

Just use "tunnels" as POPs (Point Of Presence). Each IRC node can have
several "satellite" POPs. The IPs that users connect are the POPs ones,
no the real IRC node.

Every connection to a POP is forwarded transparently to the "home" and
"hidden" IRC node, along with the original client IP (not POP one).

So, the clients seem to be connected to the IRC node, while they are
connected really to one POP (of 200 for that particular node).

The POPs are not IRC servers. They only "forward" connections and client
IPs to the real thing.

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