[IRC-DEV] Re: quitarse voz

Ruben Cardenal rubenc at arrakis.es
Sun Dec 8 10:22:04 CET 2002


> Ahi el ircd nos menciona que b, es un modo de canal, exactamente
> = que lo son el +o y el +v, el 005 deberia decirnos que los
> modos de canal son:
> b,o,v,k,l,imnostrRM

   Del RFC1459: Channel modes

   Parameters: <channel> {[+|-]|o|p|s|i|t|n|b|v} [<limit>] [<user>] [<ban mask>]

   The MODE command is provided so that channel operators may change the 
characteristics of `their' channel. It is also required that servers be able 
to change channel modes so that channel operators may be created.

   The various modes available for channels are as follows:

            o - give/take channel operator privileges;
            p - private channel flag;
            s - secret channel flag;
            i - invite-only channel flag;
            t - topic settable by channel operator only flag;
            n - no messages to channel from clients on the outside;
            m - moderated channel;
            l - set the user limit to channel;

            b - set a ban mask to keep users out;
            v - give/take the ability to speak on a moderated channel;
            k - set a channel key (password).

   Segun eso si, habría que añadir esos dos modos.



P.D.- También se lee en el propio RFC algo interesante:

"As an owner of a channel, a channel operator is not required to have reasons 
for their actions, although if their actions are generally antisocial or 
otherwise abusive, it might be reasonable to ask an IRC operator to intervene, 
or for the users just leave and go elsewhere and form their own channel."

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