[IRC-DEV] Re: quitarse voz

Toni García zoltan at teleline.es
Mon Dec 9 17:14:08 CET 2002

> %%% CHANMODES=b,k,l,imnpstrRM

> Ahi el ircd nos menciona que b, es un modo de canal,
> exactamente = que lo son el +o y el +v, el 005
> deberia decirnos que los modos de canal son:
> b,o,v,k,l,imnostrRM

Extraído de http://www.irc.org/tech_docs/005.html

CHANMODES  A,B,C,D  all  This is a list of channel modes according to 4
A = Mode that adds or removes a nick or address to a list. Always has a
B = Mode that changes a setting and always has a parameter. 
C = Mode that changes a setting and only has a parameter when set. 
D = Mode that changes a setting and never has a parameter. 
Note: Modes of type A return the list when there is no parameter

Note: Some clients assumes that any mode not listed is of type D. 

Note: Modes in PREFIX are not listed but could be considered type B. 
CHANMODES=b,k,l,imnpst (ircu) 
CHANMODES=beI,k,l,imnpstaqr (IRCNet) 
CHANMODES=beI,k,l,imnpsta (Hybrid)

Un saludo


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