[IRC-DEV] Re: DALnet-src: Virtual World Software

Ruben Cardenal nikolas at terra.es
Mon Jun 17 12:38:05 CEST 2002


    Such "Virtual World" (called vitual hostmasking...) is not new. I.e, 
our network (irc-hispano.org) cyphers all users hosts with TEA since 
more than a year ago. The waste of CPU using TEA is almost the same that 
without it, and the cpu of a 4000+ users server sees no significative 
increment of cpu waste when using TEA for this. And, of course, the 
cyphered hosts are 100% reversible (if you know the key, of course, wich 
has 2^64 posibilities).

Best Regards.

Marin Bezhanov wrote:

> I was browsing the Internet and here is what i found:
> ---------------------------
> IRC has become a warzone, this is undeniable truth. While new users 
> are just learning to find their way around IRC, power hungry 
> anti-social misfits are attempting to interrupt the ability of others 
> to effectively communicate through IRC. While other IRC networks have 
> attempted to deal with the effect, rather than the cause, to no avail, 
> we been able to implement measures that allow clients to chat with the 
> knowledge they are safe from nukers while still using IRC in exactly 
> the same manner.
> Dealing with the cause, rather than the effect of nuking, gives 
> AustNet an individual method of dealing with this problem. AustNet has 
> responded to the needs of its users by implementing software called 
> Virtual World, which prevents nukers obtaining the information 
> necessary to nuke.
> Virtual World is available to all AustNet users. In order to utilise 
> Virtual World, you will need to connect your IRC client to a server 
> located near you (check the Server Catalogue. For further assistance 
> on connecting to AustNet, read the New User Guide.
> So how does it work? Well, we can assure you that it does. Each client 
> is issued a "Virtual World Account" upon connection to the AustNet IRC 
> Network. This account, or hostmask, is modified by an individual 
> tracking number which makes it difficult to determine your real 
> address. In order to active your Virtual World Account, you are 
> required to have the user mode /mode nickname +v enabled. The usermode 
> +v triggers our software to enabled your Virtual World Account. When 
> you first connect to the AustNet IRC Network, your Virtual World 
> Account is enabled by default. To disable it, and resume your normal 
> userhost, type /mode nickname -v.
> Examples of how your Virtual World Account works:
> nickname!user at ppp.isp.com is your original userhost before you utilise 
> Virtual World.
> nickname!user at vw-[account number].isp.com becomes your userhost while 
> utilising the Virtual World software.
> Having a permanent Virtual World Account number ensures that functions 
> like banning work normally. The account number is permanent and will 
> always be the same every time you reconnect to the AustNet IRC Network.
> -------------------------------
> I don't know if that software is available for download and I don't 
> know if it will be suitable for DALnet,but if it is suitable please 
> think about installing it!
> Yours,
> Marin Bezhanov
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