[IRC-DEV] Re: [ircu-development] Re: [Coder-Com] Common point for numerics use & assigment

Carlo Wood carlo at alinoe.com
Thu Mar 14 20:52:54 CET 2002

On Wed, Mar 13, 2002 at 06:55:43PM +0100, Carlo Wood wrote:
> As soon as the project is created I will post a follow up.

I don't believe it, but the savannah %@#%@$@$ turned the project down and
refuse to support it on their site...  Remove your accounts again there
I'd say.  This is just something that involves all major IRC networks with
500 volunteers and all together a million or so users in an attempt to 
standardize the client-server IRC protocol... blah.

Maybe sourceforge has more common sense.

Ruben, can you try to get a project accepted there?  Perhaps it is me and
how I formulated it (see below) :/ (http://www.sourceforge.net/)

Run @ IRC
Carlo Wood <carlo at alinoe.com>

Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 19:31:17 +0000
From: "Jaime E . Villate" <villate at gnu.org>
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers] savannah.gnu.org: submission of Global IRC Client Protocol Coordination
To: gnu at alinoe.com
Cc: savannah-hackers at gnu.org

I'm sorry but we only host projects to develop software or
documentation for free-software. Our interface may have some useful features
for coordination projects such as yours, but hosting such projects opens some
issues that involve extra work for which we currently lack the necessary


On Wed, Mar 13, 2002 at 12:44:09PM -0500, gnu at alinoe.com wrote:
> A package was submitted to savannah.gnu.org.
> This mail was sent to gnu at alinoe.com, savannah-hackers at gnu.org
> Carlo Wood <gnu at alinoe.com> described the package as follows:
> License: fdl
> Other License: 
> Package: Global IRC Client Protocol Coordination
> System name: girccoord
> This package does NOT want to apply for inclusion in the GNU project
> The project will be an effort to coordinate
> the larger IRC networks in regard to the
> client-server protocol numerics and channel
> modes they use.
> All larger IRC networks will be approached
> and will be allowed to add one person with
> admin rights.
> The project will exist of at least one flat
> file that contains a list of all numeric
> replies to IRC clients, which networks use
> them and what they mean.
> More files might be added in the future in
> order to coordinate other parts of the client-
> server protocol that can overlap between
> networks.

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