[pybsddb] Request For Comments: Deprecation of BerkeleyDB pre-4.0

Jaroslav Pachola j_p at centrum.cz
Thu Mar 27 11:17:20 CET 2008

> As I already said, 3.x doesn't compile, actually, and I have no reports
> of problems about that. What do you think?.

As there are no reports, I suggest not to bother.

> I was wondering also about changing the lib name from "bsddb3" to
> "bsddb4", to reflect the fact. This would require to update
> applications. Opinions?.

I'd rather would not do this. For me the point of bsddb3 module name is a way 
to distinguish the module from the built in one and the module name does not 
have to reflect the supported Berkeley DB release. Unlike, say, Qt3 vs Qt4 
there is no major API incompatibility, so even if I see some reasons for the 
change, my opinion is that it's not worth breaking of applications 


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