[pybsddb] Request For Comments: Deprecation of BerkeleyDB pre-4.0

Jesus Cea jcea at argo.es
Thu Mar 27 10:45:34 CET 2008

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Hi all.

pybsddb is supposed to support 3.* and 4.* Berkeley DB versions, but the
support is currently broken for 3.* ones. The code doesn't compile, ever.

Since Berkeley DB 4.0 was published six years ago (late 2001), I was
wondering that my time would be best spent improving 4.* support rather
than trying to keep 3.x onboard.

As I already said, 3.x doesn't compile, actually, and I have no reports
of problems about that. What do you think?.

My points:

* Current 3.x support is broken. The code doesn't compile.

* 4.0 was released in late 2001. Six years ago.

* Anybody using Berkeley DB 3.* is using an ancient installation. Her
current tools/applications are outdated but if he finds them
appropriate, doesn't need to upgrade. So dropping support is a non issue
for such an user.

* A Berkeley DB 3.x environment can be easily upgraded to 4.x via a
single command ("db_upgrade").

* Dropping 3.x support (currently broken) will simplify pybsddb code.

* My test machinery only test Berkeley DB 4.*.


I was wondering also about changing the lib name from "bsddb3" to
"bsddb4", to reflect the fact. This would require to update
applications. Opinions?.

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