[pybsddb] Compiling PYBSDDB using Cygwin error (conflicting types for 'ssize_t')

Lynton Grice lynton.grice at logosworld.com
Tue Nov 10 05:36:43 CET 2009

Hi there,


I am still batting to compile PYBSDDB on Windows as I cannot find a binary
installer anywhere. 


I decided to give Cygwin a try but now I get the following error:


$ python setup.py build -c mingw32

Detected Berkeley DB version 48 from db.h

running build

running build_py

running build_ext

building 'bsddb3._pybsddb' extension

C:\soabox\cygwin\bin\gcc.exe -mno-cygwin -mdll -O -Wall

Idb/include -Ic:\soabox\python\Python26\include
-Ic:\soabox\python\Python26\PC -

c Modules/_bsddb.c -o build\temp.win32-2.6\Release\modules\_bsddb.o

In file included from Modules/bsddb.h:99,

                 from Modules/_bsddb.c:95:

db/include/db.h:135: error: conflicting types for 'ssize_t'


.h:104: error: previous declaration of 'ssize_t' was here

error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1


Does anyone have any idea how this can be fixed? 


Thanks for the help, I will keep digging...



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