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Jesus Cea jcea at jcea.es
Sun Apr 18 14:27:00 CEST 2010

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On 04/15/2010 01:06 PM, hasanyasin wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry, last few weeks were really busy. We will continue providing
> windows installers. The 32 bit version is available at:
> http://pool.cubicpen.com/freedom/pybsddb/win32/bsddb3-5.0.0.win32-py2.6.exe
> It's built on Windows XP. We are willing to build other versions for 64
> bit systems, vista and windows 7 too, however we need somebody to test
> and use the builds.

Do this build only work in WinXP?. Or you simply can't test it in
Vista/W7?. Could anybody else build the 64 bit version?.

I have added the relevant links in http://pypi.python.org/pypi/bsddb3/5.0.0

Hasanyasin, could you know the number of downloads?. Sensing demand
would be useful.

The right way would be to upload your binary to pypi, but working in IT
security, I can not "certify"/endorse your binary as "trustable". Sorry,
but following my security criteria, I can not do anything else. That
said, your contribution is invaluable and I will refer MS Windows users
to you, and hope you can keep providing this very neccesary service.

Anybody else can provide Win64 binaries?.

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