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Jesus Cea jcea at jcea.es
Wed Sep 18 05:23:29 CEST 2013

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On 17/09/13 12:59, Jan Staněk wrote:
> Hello, I'm currently packaging pybsddb for Fedora 19 and run into
> license issue. Your webpage [1] states that pybsddb is licensed
> under the MIT license. However, some files contains only the
> 3-clause BSD license and others have only very shortened license
> text.
> It is also worth noting that both BSD and MIT requires their text 
> included in documentation of the licensed software - in most cases,
> as separate text file with full license text.
> Could you please clarify for me these issues?

PyBSDDB is released under 3-clause BSD. I will address your complains
in the next release. You are right. Thanks for the heads-up.

Beware, nevertheless, that Oracle Berkeley DB 6.0 is released under
AGPL3. I have spent months trying to address this with Oracle people,
with little success. Still trying. You are safe if linking with
previous (pre 6.0) Berkeley DB releases.

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