[pybsddb] Installing bdb python bindings under Windows 64bit.

Severin Daiss severin.daiss at gmail.com
Sun Jan 4 06:58:58 CET 2015

Hello and Happy New Year,

I am currently trying to install the python bindings under Windows 7 64 
bit with Berkeley DB 6.1 and Python 3.4 (Anaconda distribution). First I 
ran into a problem of a double declaration of pid_t from a types.h in 
the Anaconda distribution, however it seemed to be alright just to 
comment the typedef out in the db.h of the Berkeley DB. Now I have a 
problem which I found harder to tackle.
I attached the error in the command prompt to this email. I also tried 
to run it with different compilers than the normal gcc.

I am thankful and glad for any help you can offer.

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